HAV21: Setting the course for marine research

Marine research in the Arctic and northern areas is among the elements that need to be bolstered, according to the strategy committee behind the recently-launched integrated strategy for marine research in Norway, HAV21.

Norway’s position as a major power in the marine sector and its strategic location extending into the Arctic pose special requirements for what kinds of priorities the country needs to set with regard to its marine research activities.

One of Norway’s three most important industries

“Norway’s oceans provide enormous opportunities when it comes to harvesting nature’s resources. The seafood industry is one of the country’s three most important industrial clusters, together with the offshore industry and the shipping industry. We must continue to build on this,” says Liv Monica Stubholt, chair of the strategy committee. Ms Stubholt is the Senior Vice President for Strategy and Communication at Kvaerner, a Norwegian multinational company.

The Research Council of Norway has served as the secretariat for the strategy committee, which was comprised of 18 members representing research groups, environmental organisations, public agencies and industry from throughout the country.

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