Four top grants from the EU to Norway

Four researchers affiliated with Norwegian universities have won ERC Advanced Grants for 2012. Two are researchers in science and technology while two are in fields in the social sciences and humanities.

The researchers can look forward to receiving between NOK 15–20 million in EU funding for their projects over a five-year period.

Andreas Kääb from the University of Oslo is documenting and analysing changes in glacier mass using laser and satellite-radar measurements. The results will be combined with digital terrain models in order to establish a global glacier mass continuity – the difference between the accumulation and reduction in volume of glacial ice and snow.

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Herpes causes fatal tumours in sea turtles

The herpes virus has long been thought to cause sea turtles to develop fatal tumours. Although the number of the world’s sea turtles developing tumours has been decreasing since the 90s, a new study shows this doesn’t mean that turtles are rid of herpes.