Fighting the salmon louse in new research centre

Sea lice are the major pathogens affecting global salmon farming industry. (Photo: Colourbox)

Scientists got a new arena to fight the salmon louse when The Sea Lice Research Centre opened in Bergen this fall.

The new centre has been certified as one of Norway’s Centres for Research-based Innovation (CRI) and its launch was greeted both by researchers and the industry.

The centre’s aim is to generate knowledge about the sea louse that ultimately will lead to improved control methods. Head of the centre, Professor Frank Nilsen from the Department of Biology at the University of Bergen, has a budget of nearly 26 million Euro at his disposal over the next eight years.

The fight against salmon lice is a challenge for the entire aquaculture industry. At the opening ceremony representatives from the business community underlined their own responsibility to control the pesky pest. They also underlined how close cooperation between researchers and industry will ensure better knowledge and innovation.

The University of Bergen is host institution for the centre in partnership with the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Institute of Marine Research, UNI Research, Novartis Animal Health, EWOS Innovation, Marine Harvest, Patogen, and Lerøy Seafood Group.

Sea Lice Research Centre's homepage

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