Fewer innovators among Norwegian enterprises

There is a declining trend in the share of innovative enterprises. (Photo: Colourbox)

The share of Norwegian enterprises that introduced new products or new processes during the period from 2008 through 2010 fell three percentage points compared to the previous survey (2006-2008). These results show a continuing declining trend in the share of innovative enterprises observed from the previous two surveys.

Among the enterprises covered, a total of 24 per cent introduced new or significantly changed products and/or processes during the preceding three-year period. Nineteen per cent launched new products, while 13 per cent employed new processes. Nine per cent of the enterprises had both types of innovation. Furthermore, 5 per cent of the enterprises reported having ongoing innovation activity not yet having led to the introduction of an innovation or that they had abandoned such activities without it having led to an innovation being introduced by the enterprise.

In addition to product and process innovations, 20 per cent of the enterprises introduced organisational innovations, while 21 per cent introduced marketing innovations. This is roughly at the same level as reported in the previous innovation survey.

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