Extensive funding for new Danish psychiatric research

A new Danish project researching the causes of mental disorders has just received the largest research project grant ever to have been awarded for Danish psychiatric research. The project may lead to new prevention and treatment methods.

Is it possible to prevent the development of schizophrenia? Can certain patients develop autism if they carry a specific gene and have been exposed to a viral fetal infection? Should all ADHD patients take the same type of medication?

The new Danish research project will seek to answer these questions. The project is based at Aarhus University and will be known as ‘The Lundbeck Foundation’s Initiative for Integrative Psychiatric Research’ (iPSYCH). The grant of €16.3 million (DKK 121m) from the Lundbeck Foundation is the largest grant ever awarded to a Danish research project in this field.

iPSYCH consists of a team of leading researchers within psychiatry, genetics and register-based research. The team’s collaborators include the National Institute for Health Data and Disease Control, SSI, under the Danish Ministry of Health, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), deCode Genetics in Iceland and the Genetic Biobank of the Faroe Islands.

The international collaboration will provide unique opportunities for creating groundbreaking new knowledge, which may result in better and more individualized treatment of patients by considering genetic profile, environmental factors and clinical symptoms in conjunction.

Read the full story on the web site of Aarhus University.

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