Danish influence on European research policy

The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) is one of the first European research agencies to become a member of Science Europe. 

Science Europe is a new forum for debate and political initiatives aiming to promote research partnerships in Europe. 

The organisation will be ‘the third voice’ in European research policy, in close collaboration with the national governments and the European Commission.

The new forum aims to help European research organisations face the global challenges we face today.

Conditions for future research policy

Science Europe will have a significant influence on the framework conditions for the future of European research.

One of the first tasks for the new platform will be to advise the European Commission on Horizon 2020, the upcoming framework programme for research and technological development.

DFF’s Science Europe representative is vice-chairman of the board Peder Andersen, a professor at the University of Copenhagen.

“With Science Europe, Danish research policy makers will get their own voice in Europe – to the benefit of Europe and Denmark alike.”

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