Cultural understanding vital for business

Vice rector for Education at UiB Kuvvet Atakan.(Photo: Guri Gunnes Oppegård/UiB)

To fully participate in the business world of tomorrow, knowledge of language and culture needs to move beyond English.

This is one of the focuses at a large-scale conference in Oslo in March, which focuses on internationalisation – Internasjonaliseringskonferansen 2012. The University of Bergen (UiB) is one of the co-sponsors of the event.

A decent product alone is no guarantee for success in international trade. Understanding the culture, the society and the language of other countries is just as important.

Kuvvet Atakan believes so and the Vice-Rector for Education at UiB suggests that these are only a few of the reasons why this conference is so vital. The main theme for the conference is to strengthen the ties between work and higher education globally.

"Traditionally, Norway has mainly co-operated with the EU and North America. These relations developed due to centuries of shared language, culture and social developments", Atakan says.

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