Conference on church leadership and organizational change in Norway

The 4th Conference on Church Leadership and Organizational Change will be held September 19 – 21, 2013 in Norway.

The topic of the conference is church reform and leadership of change. Many of the Northern European Protestant majority churches are currently going through profound reform processes. Relations to the state, church polity and organizational structure, activities and programs are all objects of reform. This situation poses specific challenges to leadership, and requires leadership able to address and handle change.

The conference will address research problems and questions engendered by these processes. The focus will be on majority churches, but research on reform processes and leadership in minority churches and communities are also welcomed.

It is hosted by Diakonhjemmet University College (Norway), KIFO Centre for Church Research (Norway), Church of Norway Employers’ Association, Church Research Institute (Finland), Peter Fjellstedt Foundation (Sweden), and Uppsala University, Dept. of Education (Sweden).

We invite researchers, PhD students, master candidates and -students to propose papers especially within the following tentative areas:

  • Reforming church organization and structure.
  • Church reforms and theology/ecclesiology
  • Leadership and management of reforms and changes in churches and congregations
  • Church members in transforming churches
  • Strategies for positioning the church in relation to the state
  • Evaluation of reforms and changes in churches

For more information about the seminar and Call for papers.

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