Climate change adaptation, reindeer herders and Sami society

Part of the joint research team, from left: Ellen Inga Turi, Sirkku Juhola, Carina Keskitalo, Åsa Larsson Blind, Bruce Forbes, Jukka Kayhko, Michael Goodsite, Helle Lougart, NordForsk Senior Advisor Harry Zilliacus and Antti Aikio. (Photo: nord-star)

Two Nordic Centres of Excellence in joint research project on climate change adaptation, reindeer herders and Sami society

“Adaptation in northern Fennoscandia: Local knowledge and adaptive responses addressing regional challenges” is the topic of the newly established research project between the Nordic Centres of Excellence Tundra and NORD-STAR. The collaborative project will take place over the next three years and is supported by the Top-level Research Initiative ADAPT sub-programme managed by NordForsk.

Climate warming is underway, and in northwest Eurasia the dependence on climate-sensitive resources makes this area particularly sensitive to climate change. This causes challenges to adaptation to both socio-economic and natural systems broadly within the region and especially cultures and livelihoods dependent on viable ecosystems. In particular, this has important implications for Nordic and Russian reindeer rangelands.

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