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The Choice Lab aims to tie researchers at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) who work within experimental economics tighter together, and to strengthen the group's position both at home and abroad. Among their tools are three brand new web based channels.

This week, Professor Bertil Tungodden at NHH's Department of Economics presented a new home page, a facebook page and a twitter page under the umbrella The Choice Lab. 

"Our aim with establishing The Choice Lab is to gather the researchers at the department who use experimental methods, whether in the lab or in the field, and make them more visible," Tungodden explains.

In addition to cooperation with other NHH researchers, The Choice Lab have affiliates at a number of institutions, from the universities in Bergen, Oslo and Copenhagen, by way of Vienna and Zürich to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Berkeley and several others.

The main aim for everyone involved is that they wish to learn more about how people make economic and moral choices. A further aim is that the insights from the research can help governments, corporations and NGOs make better decisions.

Besides experiments, The Choice Lab's activities count seminars and conferences both at NHH and other places.

Read the full story at Paraplyen - Norwegian School of Economics

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