Big-data research spurs industrial development

One of the world’s largest specialist groups within the field of big-data analytics is being assembled in Norway. The centre for Information Access Disruptions (iAD), with its head office in Tromsø, is at the core of this activity.

It is a great credit to Norwegian IT research that Microsoft is moving 50 positions from the US to Norway. The draw is the iAD and its extensive expertise in big data – currently one of the hottest areas of research.

The amount of data being produced around the world is increasing at an explosive rate. Research on how to accommodate and retrieve information from such vast amounts of data is in high demand.

“We have seen that many groups are jockeying for a position in this area. With significant help from the Research Council of Norway, we have succeeded in building up a unique pool of expertise in Norway over the past seven years. This is one of the main reasons why Microsoft has decided to invest here,” states Bjørn Olstad, Centre Director of the iAD and CTO of Microsoft Development Center Norway (MDCN).

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