Big Cuts for the Humanities

Chinese will disappear from NTNU's course offerings. (Photo: Colourbox)

The Humanities Faculty at Norwegian University of Science and Tecnology (NTNU) will have to make significant cuts in their programs of study due to lack of funds. NTNU blames insufficient  funds from the state, but the minister of education believes that the faculty must take responsibility for its own budget problems.

Linguistics, languages and religion are among of the types of courses that will disappear from 2013 onwards. The master’s programs in art criticism and cultural facilitation will be discontinued. In addition there will be fewer lectures at the institute.

”On the one hand, there are degree programs for which I have a lot of respect and that I would like to keep in the faculty. On the other hand, we’re 2 million Euro under budget,” says dean Kathrine Skretting at the Faculty for Humanities.

40 percent of the faculty’s budget depends on how many credits its students earn. The rest of its funds are distributed by NTNU. While engineering students take 60 credits a year on average, the humanities students take closer to 40.

“A slow progression of studies leads to a smaller budget and therefore the discontinuation of several of the more esoteric courses,” says Skretting.

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