Award to Global Health Course in Bergen

Ancient Philosophy and Global Health may be two quite different subjects, but these two courses nevertheless share University of Bergen's Owl Award for 2012.

The Owl Award is awarded annually as a reward for good academic quality at the University of Bergen. This year’s winners may seem different, but both courses put great value on staying close to the subject they study.

The Global Health course gives medicine students at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry hands-on experience through an eight-week field stay in India, Tanzania or South Africa. The field stay gives the students a glimpse into the treatment of tuberculosis and leprosy, visit an AIDS clinic, or learn clinical skills.

"You really get to feel what reality is like outside the bubble of Bergen and Norway," says Associate Professor Sven Gudmund Hinderaker and co-ordinator of the Global Health course.

Before embarking on the field stay, the students receive a theoretical introduction into global health issues. This introduction focuses on major infectious and life-threatening diseases, such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

Students also get to learn more about global perspectives on health issues and non-infectious diseases, such as nutrition, maternal health and mental health. Poverty and health are the central issues, as are reflections upon primary health care set in a global perspective.

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