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Arctic moth turns up after 140 years

Norwegian researcher found a living specimen of a small grey moth presumed gone from Svalbard. He thinks this demonstrates how poorly charted parts of Norway’s polar archipelago are.

These bugs are a huge threat to crops in West Africa

Last year, a South-American moth caused great damage to maize and other crops in several West African countries, threatening the food security of millions of people.

Bumblebees show social learning

VIDEO: When one bumblebee learned to get hold of the sugar water it taught others the trick.

A small fly is a super pollinator in the Arctic

VIDEO: An international research group has found that a small cousin of the housefly is responsible for much of the plant pollination in the Arctic.

Wild bees lose the fight for flowers

A new study confirms what researchers have thought for some time: Honeybees out-compete wild bees and bumblebees.

Gay beetles get fertile sisters

Beetle study explains why same-sex sexual behaviours may be good for evolution.

Discovered unknown species deep underground

In pitch darkness, a kilometre below the surface, a ghostly insect hovers between cave walls. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” says researcher.

Putting insects on the dinner table

Norwegian students want to start farming and selling insects as food. But it may take some time before Norwegian families begin to include grasshoppers in their Friday night dinners.

Nature’s engineers keep forests tidy

Trees are tough, even when dead. But a carefully choreographed relationship between specific beetles and fungi is what helps reduce them to sawdust over decades.

Searching for answers to a century-old biological question

With the help of 58,046 fruit flies, scientists in Florida and Norway have shed light on a question that biologists have puzzled over for the last 100 years.