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Information technology

Calls of duty: physicians frustrated by phone interruptions

Many physicians are concerned by phone interruptions during work, a new study reveals.

Smartphones in the battle against foot sores

Diabetics with foot sores can now be more efficiently monitored and checked from home. Nurses who visit patients at home can use smartphones to send pictures to specialists.

New brain-test app is as reliable as laboratory tests

Smartphones offer a wealth of possibilities for psychological research. A new study shows that an iPhone app yields as reliable results as laboratory tests.

Swedish engineers launch hackable mini-drone

A trio of friends in Sweden has created a miniature helicopter kit with open source code. Users can hack into the drone's software and adapt it to their own needs.

For online media, survival is success

Times are hard for the traditional media, but actually even harder for the new online media. For them, bare survival is a success in itself, new research suggests. This can have consequences for democracy.

"Robot trading on stock exchanges needs to be regulated"

Lightning-fast share trading by stock trading robots is increasing strongly on the world's stock exchanges. Now it is time to consider the socio-economic costs of a millisecond.

Web rebels – old wine in new bottles

Wikileaks and the hackers group Anonymous are the talk of the town: political web rebels are a new phenomenon. However, there's nothing new about their tactics.

Blind-friendly vending machine

With audio feedback and simple gestures on a touch screen, ticket vending machines can now also be used by the blind and the visually impaired.

The gentle drone

Not all un-manned aircraft are prowling military predators. Drones can also be deployed to chart ice fields and pollution, or locate people who’ve fallen overboard from ships.

Let the sun organise your photos

Fed up with the chaos in your digital photo collection? New research shows that the sun and the clock can sort out your pictures.