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Developing climate-smart agriculture

How should India and other countries adapt their agricultural practices to a changing climate? Researchers explain how they go about when developing new rice growing technologies.

GPS collared leopard becomes movie star

Poop, photo traps and GPS collars have revealed how leopards and people in India share the same space. The adventures of one particular leopard inspired the making of a Bollywood feature film.

New book on climate change adaptation in Indian agriculture

Climate change and agriculture in India is the focus of a new peer-reviewed book, based on seven years of field work.

OPINION: Should India invest in Arctic oil?

In an unusual twist of events, the second most populous country in the world has become an unlikely player in the far flung Arctic high north.

Bad business outsourcing to India

Many Norwegian companies consider developing their software in India or China in order to cut costs. But researchers are critical.

Adapting rice cultivation to climate changes

India’s millions of peasant farmers need to make their rice crops more robust in the face of the climate changes. A Norwegian-Indian project aims to increase crops also when little water is available.

Norway and India collaborate for versatile farming

Millions of peasants in India need new techniques to ensure crop security. A collaboration between India and Norway targets agriculture that is better adapted to climate changes.