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How does an increasing pay gap affect our attitudes?

Income inequality can result in less willingness to contribute to a common good that benefits all, a new study shows.

Children can wait – for higher income

The probability of having children increases significantly once people have started their professional careers.

The Nordic welfare model is under economic and political pressure

Too many are receiving disability benefit. Too much sickness absence. Too few incentives to work.

Mergers mean less power to the trade unions

International mergers reduce the influence of trade unions and lead to lower pay for employees, according to research.

The welfare state reduces income gap between the exes

Women's incomes take the hardest hit after a divorce. In Norway the welfare state eliminates the difference between husband and wife by subsidising single parents.

Small income disparities lead to faster mobile growth

The combination of income level and distribution explains why some countries are adopting new mobile services quicker than others.