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The Human Body

Why do we fart?

Humans release approximately 73 litres of intestinal gas a year and there is no reason to hold back a fart.

Frozen ovarian tissue restores women’s fertility

Doctors removed ovarian tissue from women about to undergo chemotherapy – and when it was transplanted after chemo, patients were able to become pregnant.

Telomeres do not determine your mortality but they protect against cancer

Researchers have found that short telomeres do not lead to increased mortality. Surprisingly, they reduce the risk of dying from cancer.

Annoying body fluids

They are “disgusting” to talk about and should not be visible on your clothes. And they should flow easily and naturally. We're talking about body fluids.

How do we train our sense of smell?

You can boost your olfactory powers − but your nose won’t be changing.

Hormone spirals stand up to uterine cancer

Hormone spirals give protection against uterine cancer. The hormone spiral is superior compared to treatment with tablets.

Why do men grow bald?

Why do men - and not women - lose their hair?. Scientists have the answers and some advice too.

What’s the deal with morning breath?

While you sleep the bacteria in your mouth are forced onto a low-carb diet. They protest by gassing your breath with sulphur.

Growing bones from seaweed

Artificial hips would not be quite so artificial, if researchers succeed in developing living bone mass.

The extreme man

Men vary more than women do in size as well as in physical and mental performance.