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hospital care

Older patients demand fewer resources

Do the oldest dying patients expect less than those from younger generations?

One in five surgeons forgets to wash hands after going to the toilet

A group of researchers examined the hand hygiene among surgeons attending an American conference and the results were not impressive.

Dangerous use of antibiotics rises

The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics at Norwegian hospitals rose by 20 percent from 2006 to 2011.

Are nurses really angels in white?

Having a strong desire to help others is not a prerequisite for job involvement in nursing, study shows.

Free choice of hospital may reinforce social differences

People with higher education, and people who live in areas with a low mortality rate, are overrepresented among users of the free choice of hospital system.

Giant hospitals neither cheaper nor better

Mergers in the hospital sector are based on a desire for better and cheaper hospitals. So far, few such effects have been seen, resercher believes.

Norwegians suffer more painful deaths than necessary

Norwegian health personnel don’t administer enough pain relief to the dying. New research shows that this is partly due to fears of being accused of euthanasia.

Saline beats adrenaline for baby lungs

Infants with congested bronchioles can get by on inhalations of saltwater vapour rather than adrenalin.