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Health risk

Alcohol intoxication major risk factor for dementia

Young-onset dementia has usually been blamed on genetic causes, but a Swedish study has revealed nine other risk factors for the illness – with alcohol intoxication being the worst.

Increased risk of impairment linked to fertility treatment

New research suggests that assisted conception techniques that are used when a father is infertile slightly increase the risk that the child will be born with a mental disability. One prominent fertility researcher is sceptical of this finding.

Cured of cancer but in poor health

The majority of people afflicted with cancer now recover with treatment. Many of these, however, subsequently experience new health problems due to the cancer and/or the treatment.

Health registry helps doctors assess vaccine safety

Our worries about side effects after vaccination can be kept in check by using data on actual disease incidences in the population.

An easy walk lowers blood sugar level

A leisurely stroll after a meal gives a dramatic drop in dangerously high levels of blood sugar.

An eye for an eye saves sight

A damaged cornea is one of the most common causes of blindness worldwide. But now there is a cure.

Inhibiting bacteria growth in sushi

Traditional acidic sushi rice and fresh wasabi inhibit the growth of bacteria in sushi. This improves the quality and gives longer shelf life for sushi dishes and is valuable information for consumers and producers.

The war on drugs is lost

OPINION: Youths are in danger of choosing drugs rather than tackling life.

The crucial choice to cultivate the land

Agriculture gave us cities and pyramids but it can also lead to poorer health. Why did humans choose to go down this road?

Insomnia can cause fibromyalgia

Women who frequently have sleeping problems run a higher risk of developing the rheumatoid disorder fibromyalgia, characterised by muscle pain and headaches.

Norwegian elite support immigration

The social elite in Norway are more supportive of immigration than the rest of the country’s population. The elite are also very supportive of the welfare state, but not everyone with lots of money is thrilled with the redistribution of wealth.