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Health policy

Self-admissions can improve patients’ ability to manage their illness

Danish psychiatric patients have been able to admit themselves to the psychiatric ward since 2014. It gives them a sense of safety and a better quality of life.

How should doctors and nurses break bad news to patients?

Delivering a tough message to a patient is often perceived as so difficult that it doesn’t go very well, according to both a professor and a doctor.

Privatised vs. socialised health services

Depending on their leanings, politicians can portray privatisation as either a cure-all or the bane of Norwegian hospitals. Research doesn’t back either claim.

Cancer research in peril

A lack of funding and co-operation with pharmaceutical companies is stifling Norwegian cancer research, warn researchers and industry representatives.

Health economic priorities are made on an unsound basis

Methods used in health economic evaluations are not always sufficiently valid.

Cheap hamburger could be choice steaks

Little Norwegian beef ends up being served as steaks. With new feeding and butchering techniques the country’s cattle could provide more whole cuts and less minced or ground beef.

Vegetable oils promote obesity

Excessive dietary omega-6 may increase our appetite and promote weight gain.

The toxin that steals sons

Environmental toxins can cause fewer male children to be born in Arctic populations.