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Into the Subglacial Tunnel

A POST FROM THE SUB-GLACIAL BLOG: After a steep walk up the mountain, we arrived in front of the tunnel entrance. There we stood, in shorts and t-shirts, suddenly realising that the heat and sunshine we were used to until now were about to become only a distant memory.

Arrival at Svartisen

A POST FROM THE SUB GLACIAL BLOG: On the 17th of July, our advisor Miriam Jackson and the three of us (French students Perrine, Sophia and Juliette) made an excursion from their internship in glaciology at the NVE in Oslo to the Svartisen Subglacial Laboratory.

Rock glaciers gain speed as permafrost thaws

The acceleration of rock glaciers in Scandinavia has been documented for the first time. It can be linked to the thawing of the permafrost in the north.

Scientists prepare for loss of mountain glaciers

This is how we adapt to a future with less snow and ice.

Viking arrowheads emerge from melting Norwegian glaciers

High up in the mountains, archaeologists are now discovering human traces dating as far back as the Stone age.

Glaciers on Svalbard behave differently

Many glaciers on Svalbard behave very differently. They advance massively for some years and then quickly retreat – and then remain quiescent for fifty to a hundred years – before they once again start to advance.

International conference brings climate change to Greenland

Climate scientists come together with citizens, industry representatives, and politicians in Greenland to discuss climate change in the Arctic.

Gold deposits found in Denmark

Ice Age rivers have deposited gold in gravel pits throughout Denmark, says geologist.

Flying rubber dinghy opens up remote parts of Greenland to scientists

A flying rubber dinghy gives scientists an inexpensive and flexible way of reaching Greenland's most remote areas.

Ancient snow patches melting at record speed

Climate change is about to wipe out snowfields that have survived in the Norwegian mountains for 5,000 years.