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Glacial geology

Into the Subglacial Tunnel

A POST FROM THE SUB-GLACIAL BLOG: After a steep walk up the mountain, we arrived in front of the tunnel entrance. There we stood, in shorts and t-shirts, suddenly realising that the heat and sunshine we were used to until now were about to become only a distant memory.

Earthquakes may have formed Southern Denmark’s landscape

The earth beneath Southern Denmark shook after the last age and created the landscape we see today, new research shows.

Banished scientist makes glacial discovery

Eiliv Larsen experienced a major career setback when he was expelled from Russia. Now he is back in the loop with a surprising discovery about Russian glaciers.

Wet research two hundred metres below a glacier

A group of scientists is currently working in what is called the world's most claustrophobic laboratory. They are studying glaciers, while blogging for ScienceNordic.

World’s most claustrophobic lab

Two hundred metres below a Norwegian glacier, researchers take samples while the laboratory melts slowly over their heads.