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3D technology allows scientists to model Greenland's past

VIDEO: See how the scientists used 3D technology to discover new details about Greenland’s past.

What do you do when extreme weather destroys your home?

Researchers are studying how Norwegian communities are tackling climate change and extreme weather events.

Nordic people drank wine 3,000 years ago

Researchers have found traces of wine in jars, dating back to 1100 BC. The finds suggest that wine was imported long before previously thought.

Prosperous Vikings whitewashed their walls

Archaeologists have found Denmark’s oldest lime kiln near a large Viking hall at a Viking settlement on the Danish island of Zealand.

Researchers have great power in continental shelf battle

Geologists and other scientists have great power when limits are set for the continental shelf. Perhaps too much?

Greenlandic villages have a future

The future is uncertain for many Greenlandic villages, and some will disappear, predicts political scientist, who nevertheless sees hope for the well-functioning villages that have an industrial base.

Great East-West gradient in bowel disease incidence in Europe

A massive study reveals a significant difference in the number of people with bowel diseases in certain countries in Eastern and Western Europe. Scientists are still looking for an explanation.

Geophysicist: A Katrina hurricane will strike every two years

Increases in Earth’s average temperature will result in far more hurricanes in the future, new study reveals.

Critically endangered Javan leopard caught on camera

Camera traps in a remote Indonesian national park have captured photos of the extremely rare Javan leopard.

Melting sea ice makes deep-sea animals grow

Scientists are now able to film and observe how life at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean is affected by global warming.