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Swedish ferns stuck to their Jurassic game plan

A remarkable finding from Skåne County in the south of Sweden shows that the royal fern has not changed genetically in the past 180 million years.

Studying fish health via genes

Scientists are using a recently developed genomic tool to identify why some salmon are more resistant to lice than others.

No math gene: learning mathematics takes practice

Practice, not innate skill, makes for good mathematicians

Reindeer genes show clear influence from last Ice Age

The genes of modern reindeer help scientists understand how past climates affected the species - and give clues as to how reindeer will handle future climate change.

Gene defect that protects against HIV

Not everyone can be infected by HIV. If you have a gene defect, you may be protected.

Enduring climate crisis by gene doubling

Ancient grains of pollen show how conifers survived one of the Earth’s greatest mass extinctions.

Genes reveal Palaeolithic genders

It can be hard to determine whether ancient human bones stem from a male or a female. Swedish scientists have come up with a gene technology that can help.

Anxiety could link to a protein

A special protein might explain why some people develop anxiety disorders and others don’t. Swedish scientists have used modified mice to carry a human gene controlling this protein to test its effect

Genetic findings offer hope to liver patients

Researchers have identified nine new genetic loci that are important in the development of a serious liver disease.

Language is in our biology

If you want to master languages, you should pick your parents with care.