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gender issues

Therapy can help men stop domestic violence

It is not given that violent men who get therapy will stop their behaviour. A decisive factor for success is that the therapist and the client have a common understanding of the problem, according to researcher Bente Lømo.

Many drunken teenage girls get sexually harassed

The prevalence varies with age – the younger girls are more at risk.

The female half of a crime duo is the smarter one

When a man and a woman are partners in crime, the woman is most likely to succeed. Researcher believes this is due to an attitude of discrimination.

Gender-quota boardrooms come at a high price

Boardroom gender quotas seem to be a success story. According to a new study, affected companies pay a high price for the gender quota law.

Media images of women are getting worse

The way women are represented in the media is getting worse every day, researchers say. However, the representation of Norwegian female politicians may be the exception to the general rule.

Working conditions more important than the lack of men

Researcher does not share general concerns about the low proportion of men and the lack of personnel with relevant education in Norwegian day-care centres.

Women politicians get more bad press than men

Male politicians involved in scandals are treated more mildly in Swedish newspapers than their female counterparts, according to a recent study.