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Gender and society

Personality traits important in male fertility

Neurotic men are now more likely to be childless than other men. This wasn’t the case just a few decades ago.

Porn won’t ruin your sex life

We shouldn’t worry that porn affects young people’s sex lives, new study concludes.

Wealthy women voted first

For most women who lived during the beginning of the 1800s, the lack of right to vote was also about class, not only gender.

Prostitution ban misses the target, argue migration researchers

Legalise prostitution and consider foreign sex workers as immigrants who leave their home country to earn money to support their families, said researchers at a recent ‘Intimate Migration’ conference in Denmark.

Working in the line of fire

Far from being risk seekers, firefighters feel their work isn't particularly risky. But relations between team members are regarded as crucial.

Reporting sex crimes improves health

The majority of those who report incest and abuse to the police feel they made the right decision. Pressing charges bolsters health and leads to more freedom to get on with their lives.

Women and children aren’t saved first

It’s a myth that seamen give women and children priority when ships are sinking. Women have much less chance of surviving and children are even worse off.

Beaten by their wives

Violence is neither a women’s problem nor a men’s problem, it is a human problem. But men who are physically abused by their partners don't talk about it.

Norse gods in a crusade for Europe

This week the trial has started against the man behind the terrorist attacks on Norway last summer. "Right-wing extremists draw on pre-Christian religion to build alternative power," says theology professor.

Dreams of a welfare state

Women in Southern Europe would like to live in a Nordic-style welfare state to improve their opportunities. But the financial crisis has made their dreams less realistic than ever.