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Poker players aren’t like other gamers

Poker is a game played primarily by boys who get good grades in school. It’s an intellectual martial art, according to a researcher.

Can maths help me win the Lotto?

The lotto draw is completely random. But can mathematics up your chances of a win?

Why compulsive gamblers can’t control themselves

Dopamine makes us more conscious of ourselves which may explain why compulsive gamblers, sex addicts and people with ADHD are more impulsive than others.

Parkinson’s spreads faster than we thought

The brain of a Parkinson’s patient is damaged at an early stage, even when the symptoms are mild, new study finds.

Gambling addiction can be spotted in the brain

New study reveals impaired communication across various brain regions in compulsive gamblers. This suggests that gambling addiction may be more due to a deviation in the brain than a weakness of character.

Gamblers get a kick out of making risky decisions

Compulsive gamblers get more excitement and pleasure from making risky decisions than from winning, new study shows.

Online betting reawakens old gambling problems

Restrictions on slot machines yielded immediate results in Norway, but the gap was quickly filled by sports betting, online games and lotteries, and these gambling trends are even more damaging.

Skydiving against gambling

Can parachuting help people with a gambling addiction? New research shows that extreme sport athletes have quite a lot in common with gamblers.