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Keeping an eye on tropical forests

Countries can receive funding for monitoring and protecting their tropical forests. But some countries don't have the proper tools to qualify. A Norwegian project aims to change this.

Tundra shrubs can speed warming

A rapidly warming climate is boosting the growth of shrubs on the tundra. These absorb more solar heat and intensify global warming.

Climate scientists: Plant woodland when we're draining wetlands

Wetlands can best be exploited as woodland if we intend to drain them anyway.

Better monitoring of tropical forests

Aerial and satellite images that are tested on forests in Norway provide better monitoring of both Norwegian and tropical forests.

The Nordic region could reap the benefits of a warmer climate

A warmer climate will pose a challenge to agriculture, fisheries and forestry in the Nordic region. But the region will also experience changes that may lead to increased sustainability and growth in production.

Carbon storage in the Andes makes economic sense

Letting nature reclaim cattle pastures in the tropics is an economically effective way of tackling climate change. It can also protect biological diversity.

Scanning the forest for birds

The data were intended to help foresters appraise timber. But laser scanning from an airplane makes it possible to predict where specific bird species can be found.

Solving the mystery of bear cub killings

Male bears in Scandinavian forests kill bear cubs. The corpses of cubs, claw marks and DNA samples testify to a life-or-death struggle.

Tourists split on Norway’s changing landscape

Nature is reclaiming Norway’s cultural landscape, but tourists are divided on whether this is good or bad.

March of the caterpillars

A large wave of hungry, but tiny winter and autumnal moths set out from East-Europe and end up at the Atlantic coast ten years later - causing damage to forests on their way.