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Fight fish disease with fish

Scientists are checking the possibility of limiting the spread of the dangerous fish disease FZT with the help of a very special fish.

Fish may not be good for your heart

New research indicates that a diet rich in fish does not prevent blood clots, as is commonly believed.

Slim and healthy people also get type 2 diabetes

Researchers have found a way of dividing type 2 diabetes patients into subgroups. Surprisingly, only one in four patients goes through what is considered the most common course of the disease.

Getting men to eat their greens

Men tend to eat high levels of saturated fat and refined carbohydrates, without sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Better health with a Nordic diet

Switching to a healthy Nordic diet might save your life, as it is shown to improve cholesterol values and reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Fish corrupt Carbon-14 dating

Danish Stone Age settlements may have been misdated by up to 2,000 years. In sites where people ate fish, there might well be errors in the Carbon-14 dating of clay vessels.

Fish feed-research may help reduce world hunger

New research aims to make carnivorous fish vegetarian, thereby alleviating world food problems.

What makes berries so healthy?

New research project sets out to unravel the mystery of why berries are so good for us. The findings could result in revised recommendations for a healthy diet.

Reindeer meat is as healthy as fish

Reindeer meat is one of the leanest meats. It also compares favourably with fish when it comes to omega-3 and essential fatty acids.

Researchers: rapid weight loss is the best

Obese people get the best results by losing weight quickly, new study argues. The conclusion challenges traditional views on what obese people need to do to become and remain slim.