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Food safety

Can microRNA in food harm us? No, say scientists

Scientists express doubt over previous study that reported how genetic material from food can enter the blood stream and affect our health.

From aquatic nuisance to terrestrial blessing

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient in all plant production, but phosphorus reserves are now being depleted at an ever quicker rate. This is a threat to food safety.

New packaging to reduce food waste

Far too much food is thrown away. Scientists are now working with food, packaging and equipment producers to develop solutions that lead to more of the food being eaten.

Frozen versus fresh vegetables

Stored fresh vegetables have lower vitamin C content than frozen. Research scientists have examined and compared nutrients in frozen and fresh vegetables.

Cooking up dangerous food

Scientists are making food with life-threatening bacteria in a pathogen pilot plant in Norway,

We feel assured of the food safety in our own kitchens

The responsibility for kitchen hygiene has been delegated to ready meals and gadgets.

For Norwegians, healthy food and animal welfare are more important than prices

They want the incomes of farmers to be in line with other social groups – and they shy away from GMOs.

A whole-grain diet makes for healthier chickens

Infection from Campylobacter jejuni bacteria is far more common than salmonella, and is the commonest cause of bacterial diarrhoea in western countries.

Our homes are filled with soot nanoparticles from candle flames

Cozy candles and sizzling pans make Danish homes as polluted as a typical Beijing apartment, new study finds.

Undercooked and overlooked: Young Norwegian men ignore food safety

Young, single men living in Oslo are Norway’s most cavalier cooks when it comes to curbing bacteria in the kitchen.