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Food & Nutrition

Nut consumers live longer lives

People who eat a handful of nuts every day have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and they are less likely to die from respiratory diseases, diabetes and infections, according to a new study.

Very-high-fat diet reversed obesity and disease risk

New study challenges the long-held idea that saturated fats are unhealthy.

Milk proteins have slimming effect

Proteins from milk kept mice slim, whereas proteins from pork and chicken had the opposite effect.

Is fruit really that healthy?

Fruit does contain quite a lot of sugar, but does that make it as unhealthy as candy?

Ancient crops are the future for our dinner plate

VIDEO: New research project aims to revolutionise the way we eat.

Living longer by eating whole grain bread

A recent meta-analysis shows that consuming a lot of whole grains decreases the risk of dying prematurely.

Healthy bread for the future

Scientists have developed bread that may help reduce cholesterol levels. The secret is treating the dietary fibres in the dough just right.

Can a mother’s bad diet be bad for her nursing baby?

Does junk food make junk breast milk?

Clearing the name of frozen veggies once and for all

More and more people are trying to eat locally grown foods. But especially in winter, local vegetables are most likely to be found in the supermarket’s freezer section.

Why you should consider buying those expensive frozen peas

According to one researcher, most uf us are eating poor quality peas.