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food habits

Unhealthy waiters make you choose unhealthy food

The waiter’s appearance may determine whether you choose healthy or unhealthy food – without you even being aware of it.

We do not like the thought of eating animals

We like eating meat more than the thought of eating animals. Scientists conclude that we choose not to really think about what we eat, because if we do we lose our appetite.

Three-step drying keeps people fed in Faroe Islands

“The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.” Dylan’s refrain is also applicable to the question of how fish, meat and poultry can make it to the plate year round without a freezer or fridge.

Teens are posting unhealthy food on Instagram

Only 22 percent of their pictures display fruits or vegetables.

Hunting for traditional food in social media

Carnivorous plants of Borneo areon the menu of local tribes who steam sticky rice snacks inside.

Secrets of a traditional Norwegian Christmas sausage

Making sausages is not just a question of good ingredients and skill. There’s a little science involved, too.

New Nordic food is a niche

On the 10th anniversary of the concept “New Nordic food”, researchers from Aarhus University have investigated its social and financial influence on society. They found that only few people have taken Nordic food to heart.

Low birth weight babies cope better with fasting later in life

New study suggests that low-weight babies apparently have an evolutionary advantage during periods of hunger and food shortage.

Children feast on sugar

It’s official: European children are consuming too much of the sweet stuff.

How the potato was brought to Norway

Famine, prohibition and war contributed to the potato’s popularity in the Norwegian kitchen. It all started with the priests.