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Fish farming

Here’s how scientists discovered salmon that need less food to grow

Norwegian researchers have identified young salmon that can be farmed using less feed than their not-as-efficient brethren.

How healthy is farmed salmon?

Is farmed salmon as healthy to eat as wild salmon? And what about the health of the fish themselves?

Tomorrow’s fish farms will be unmanned

Robotics technology is making inroads into the aquaculture sector, making it possible to regulate facilities from onshore.

Anti-sea lice chemicals could be hazardous to other creatures

To treat sea lice infections, fish farms often use chemicals. However, these chemicals may cause collateral damage.

Breeding gluttons in the battle against salmon lice

Scientists have started to breed fish which have a special liking for consuming salmon lice. The preference for salmon lice seems to be a genetic trait.

Salmon will have to make do with less omega-3

Omega-3 is in short supply and must be distributed wisely. Farmed salmon is one of the omega-3 lovers who now have less omega-3 in their diet than before. The question scientists are asking is how little marine omega-3 farmed salmon can cope with.

Record survival of juvenile cod

We may be seeing a tentative restart of cod aquaculture, says researcher.

Super salmon training starts early

Healthier, stronger, bigger: this is a goal for Norwegian farm-raised salmon—and Harald Takle is their personal trainer.

New weapons in the battle against salmon lice

The best weapon in the battle against salmon lice in the Norwegian aquaculture industry has proved to be the use of what are called “cleaner fish”, fish that eat salmon lice. But these fish often die during breeding. Now, researchers have found a way to help the young fish survive.

Aquaponics – fish and crop production in the same pool

In practice, it's a mini-ecosystem with zero emissions.