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Why horror is so popular

And may even be good for us.

Why do we like watching horror films?

It allows us to feel anxious in a safe environment, according to film scholar and psychologist.

Professor knows who will win the Iron Throne

Spoiler alert! This Professor thinks that he can predict who will win the Iron Throne. Just so long as the author, George R. R. Martin, has read Max Weber's economic theory.

Less violence against women in Game of Thrones

One researcher believes that fans of the popular HBO series may have helped tone down the amount of violence against women in the upcoming season.

Film music captivates us

Sound and music in films do more than merely enhance our experience of a film's narrative. They can also affect the ways in which we perceive ourselves and how we act.

Female directors - from artists to amateurs

Norway was once the land of female directors. Then they vanished. New research shows how female Norwegian directors were sidelined by a small French word.

GPS collared leopard becomes movie star

Poop, photo traps and GPS collars have revealed how leopards and people in India share the same space. The adventures of one particular leopard inspired the making of a Bollywood feature film.

Cannes nominations rarely lead to local success

A Danish movie is nominated in Cannes for the third year running. New research shows that a nomination at one of the major European film festivals significantly boosts ticket sales in overseas cinemas. Festival hits are, however, far from guaranteed to be successful in Denmark.

What makes ’The Wire’ so special?

Biting realism, fantastic character portrayals and a controversial description of society that’s on a par with the great novels. New Nordic research takes a closer look at the popular TV series The Wire.

Harry Potter is a goodie bag for the soul

The quest for spirituality is a feature of contemporary society. But we no longer believe in the one true religion. We make up our own metaphysical pick and mix. Harry Potter is just such a mix.