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It’s time to claim ownership of our digital lives

OPINION: Either we start changing the model or we stop playing.

Facebook is not about stimulating Democracy

OPINION: Facebook is a social media outlet designed to make money on user traffic and attention--stimulating democracy is not part of the business model. But censoring freedom of speech, may well be.

Danish youths shun political debate on Facebook

Young people ’like’ politicians on Facebook to gain information and to be part of a political platform. But they don’t want to appear too engaged.

Worthwhile word-of-mouth on social media

Social media have brought the power of word-of-mouth to a large audience. That means your opinion can have great influence.

From grave mounds to Facebook

The way dead people are remembered in social media today are similar to the rituals of Viking-age Norwegians.

Your computer knows what you’re thinking

Commercial companies intercept and read your emails, so they can send you adverts that exactly match your profile and wants. But this doesn’t work – it’s ineffective, says informatics expert.