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The EU raises the standard of Norwegian gender equality policies

That the EU affects Norwegian gender equality policies has mostly proven to be a good thing. But an individual-oriented policy puts pressure on the social democratic approach, say researchers.

New EU law puts patient health at risk

New regulations for sharing patient data in human trials puts Europeans' safety at risk, say scientists.

Democracy lost for non-members of the European Union

Why it’s so problematic to be a reluctant European – an associated non-member of the European Union.

Brexit and the UK’s future

What options are available for the Brits should they decide to leave the European Union? Some important lessons can be drawn from current non-members which enjoy the benefits of the EU’s internal market.

The drivers of economic growth in Europe

Europe's economic growth is driven by poorer countries and regions that are catching up to the wealthier areas.

Is the EU lost in translations?

Do sour cherries escape toll duty? Or is that sweet cherries? Knowing what is or isn’t the correct letter of the law can be a nightmare in the EU. Especially when legislation is translated into all 24 official EU languages.

EU cites Norway for air poor quality

Emissions of harmful atmospheric particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide in Norway exceed limits stipulated by the EU Air Quality Directive.

What do you know about Lawrence of Rome?

The EU wants people to get more interested in their cultural heritage, and is starting pilot projects in England, Spain and Norway.

The Nordic region - a gender equality paradise?

Although the Nordic countries have been good at bringing more women into academic leadership positions, they are only at the EU level when it comes to female professors.

Even little air pollution raises cancer risks

Air pollution, even in concentrations below EU limits, increases the risk of lung cancer.