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Equal Rights

Romani distrust of government lives on

More Romani people in Norway value the importance of education. But the historical distrust and fear of authority haven’t disappeared.

Women who don't apologise, but nevertheless resign

Female politicians who are involved in media scandals do not apologise. But they nevertheless resign. For the sake of their family.

What research says about part-time work

A debate is raging in Norway. Is it good for mothers and their children if mothers work part-time? The new president of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), Gerd Kristiansen, doesn't think part-time work is good for society. But what does the research say?

Golden skirts fill the board rooms

Women who accumulate directorships in bulk are known as the golden skirts.

Flexicurity disfavours disabled people

The flexicurity model allows employers great flexibility in firing employees. But this has a severe impact on the disabled people who end up outside the labour market, shows a new study.

Female board members lead to stock market boom

Share prices indicate that the introduction of gender quotas in Norwegian boardrooms has had a positive effect on Oslo Stock Exchange.