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Environmental toxins

Good news for the polar bear

The level of harmful chemicals in the blood of polar bears has declined dramatically in the last decade, new study shows.

Nanoparticles impact fish through the food chain

Nanoparticles can pass right through the ecosystem and harm fish at the top of the food chain.

Bright spots in the environmental gloom

The climate crisis can seem insolvable, but since the 1970s we have actually solved some of our major environmental challenges.

The toxin that steals sons

Environmental toxins can cause fewer male children to be born in Arctic populations.

Yo-Yo dieter with eiderdown

The common eider is a yo-yo dieter. This can make the sea duck vulnerable to environmental toxins and disease both on the Svalbard Archipelago and along the Norwegian coast.

Norwegian elite support immigration

The social elite in Norway are more supportive of immigration than the rest of the country’s population. The elite are also very supportive of the welfare state, but not everyone with lots of money is thrilled with the redistribution of wealth.