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Endocrine disrupting chemicals

ScienceNordic is delving into the world of endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs.

These are chemicals that can have harmful impacts on the body’s endocrine, or hormone, system. Our mini series brings you the latest knowledge in the field, covers scientific disagreements, and establishes why it is so difficult to avoid EDCs.

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Sceptics claim no evidence of endocrine disruptors harming people

There is insufficient evidence that endocrine disrupting chemicals are harmful for people, says a group of scientists. But this view goes against mainstream scientific opinion.

EU disagreements delay regulation of harmful chemicals

When is an endocrine disrupting chemical harmful enough to be banned? Disagreement between EU member countries delays regulation of potentially harmful substances.

Hazardous substances are still distributed long after being banned

It can take decades for the EU to ban a substance that contains endocrine disrupting chemicals and even then sales of products containing these chemicals can continue for years.

EU authorities too slow: People exposed to endocrine disrupters for decades

It takes decades to ban substances suspected of containing endocrine disrupters. The process is far too slow and could have consequences for our health.

Bad chemistry: Chemical companies fail to comply with EU regulations

Chemical companies are required to document that their chemicals are safe but the majority withhold or submit incomplete information to the European authorities, allowing dangerous substances to stay on the market.