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Not so hygge: Cosy lighting prevents elderly people reading in winter

A Norwegian study shows that the homes of 75 year olds are too dark for comfortable reading, despite their living rooms containing on average fifteen different lights.

Seniors and technology: help from family members is not always the best solution

Researchers believe that seniors need a course where they can ask the ‘silly’ questions.

Older people think social media is superficial

Some elderly opt out of social media because they think its social conventions are cold and self-centered. Others enjoy seeing pictures of grandchildren and chatting with friends on Facebook.

Why are older patients not getting the care they need?

Expertise varies among nurses, assistant nurses and assistants. In some cases, lack of competence may lead to seniors not receiving the treatment they need, according to a recent study of elderly care.

Old folks are keen internet users

Well over 40 percent of Norwegians in the age group 80 to 100 claim to use the internet daily or weekly.

Smart help for elderly phone users

The elderly and the disabled may find that using a smartphone is difficult or incomprehensible. But one inventor found a solution to the problem.

Indoor climate in nursing homes can be dangerous for the residents

Even small concentrations of toxic substances in the air seem to damage the lungs of elderly people.