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Alien reindeer thrive in the Antarctic

Almost 100 years ago, Norwegian whalers were the first to introduce reindeer to Antarctica; now it is impossible to get rid of them.

Disappearing palsas

There used to be many hummocks in the bogs around Neiden in northern Norway. But these hills, called palsas, are now disappearing as a result of climate change.

Bacteria that eat greenhouse gases

Biologists have found a special bacterium in the wetlands of an Arctic archipelago that gobbles up the worst greenhouse gas of them all: methane.

How much food do seabirds need?

Many seabirds begin to suffer when the food available for them in the ocean declines below a critical level. This level is about one-third of the maximum amount of food available.

The Shrimp as a Climate Gauge

The deepwater shrimp could prove to be one of the most sensitive gauges of climate change.

Wolves endangered by illegal hunt

Poaching is the biggest threat to wolves in Norway and Sweden and can account for half of their deaths.