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Drug abuse

Young people with past behavioural problems get high more

Significantly more teenagers use alcohol and drugs if they’ve had behavioural problems as children, reports a recent study.

Found sedatives and illegal drugs in one out of 20 health care and transport workers

Researchers found traces of sleeping pills, Valium, morphine, cannabis and amphetamines in spit samples of over three percent of employees on the job. The highest percentages of these were workers in the restaurant trade, in the transport sector and the health services.

"Alcohol and other drug treatment needs to involve the family"

Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is more effective when the family is involved. However, they seldom are. Why is this the case?

Housing first for homeless people in Norway

Homeless persons in Norway can now choose how and where they want to live.

Addicts in fear of mandatory rehab

Substance abusers whose lives are acutely at risk can be committed to compulsory rehabilitation treatment. Some become scared of, angry at, and sceptical of the health services.

Prisoners unhappy with drug addiction treatment in jail

Prisoners share narcotics with fellow inmates as an act of solidarity but this also creates tensions. Convicts react to what they see as unfair differences in treatment.

Men in rehab use anabolic steroids

Many patients in treatment for drug addiction wish to change the shape and appearance of their bodies – in order to look strong and healthy. Some do this by using anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Wasted research on rehab dropouts

What makes someone drop out from addiction treatment? It turns out scientists have been looking for the answer in the wrong place.

The high does not come from heroin itself

It is the substances that heroin forms in the body that are mainly what enter the brain and cause the narcotic effects.

Concerns that methadone children may have problems at school

Children prenatally exposed to methadone or Subutex are prone to developing cognitive difficulties. The children need close follow-up after they begin school.