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Domestic violence

Minority girls in need of a more uniform child welfare system

Do the Norwegian child welfare service succeed in helping young girls from minority backgrounds who experience strong social control and violence at home? Researchers found that measures should be taken to ensure greater knowledge of and trust in the service, aimed at young people.

Is it possible to treat men who beat their partners?

Many men drop out when they seek therapeutic help for their violent tendencies. One researcher wanted to know why.

Victims of violence stop breastfeeding sooner

One in four women who have been victims of violence as adults is at risk of stopping breastfeeding before the baby is four months old.

Men’s violence towards women is not only about power

The majority of men who use violence towards their partner struggle with serious mental issues. We need to look at more than just the power relations between the sexes to understand domestic violence, says researcher.

Culture not the main culprit in domestic violence against minority children in the Nordic countries

Children with minority backgrounds are more frequently subjected to violence at home than ethnic Nordic kids. Poverty and social status are stronger contributing risk factors than foreign cultures, according to researchers.

Supportive mums important for pregnant victims of partner violence

Having a helpful mother is important for most women who themselves become pregnant. She is, however, even more essential for victims of partner violence, researcher believes.

The stereotypical picture of intimate partner violence revised

A higher socio-economic status than one's partner increases the chance of psychological violence and abuse. This applies to both men and women.

Child welfare service is reluctant to intervene in high-conflict cases

The Norwegian Child Welfare Service does not take cases involving suspected child abuse seriously enough in high-conflict cases between the parents, according to researchers.

The Swedish, gender-equal man is a myth

The gender-equal man is the norm in the Nordic countries, but violence against women hasn’t disappeared. But the abusers fail to see their actions as violence.

Gender equality reduces violence

Gender equality in the family reduces the risk of violence by two-thirds, according to a new European study.