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Dogs mirror owner’s stress level

New research suggests that long-term stress is transmitted from human to dog.

Dogs and humans' long-lasting relationship

Why do humans and dogs get on so well? Learn more in this podcast.

Humans and dogs: Is our friendship genetic?

Swedish researchers have discovered the genes that make dogs man’s best friend.

When and where did wolves become dogs?

Did dogs become domesticated in Southeast Asia or Europe? New study challenges recent research.

Training a dog you can trust

There are six breeds of dogs that are illegal in Norway. According to a dog training expert, this ban is not supported by the science.

Does it harm animals to have two homes after a divorce?

"Dogs and cats are different in this respect,” claims an animal welfare researcher.

Quicker lymphoma test for dogs

A blood sample is all that is needed in a faster and easier test to see whether dogs have lymph cancer.

Scientists worry about parasite hosted by foxes

The dwarf tapeworm has not yet been detected in Norway, but researchers are concerned that it soon will be.

Dogs are sniffing out new species of truffles

With assistance of specially trained dogs, researchers have been truffle hunting in Norway. Their goal is to fill the knowledge gap on truffles – not their bellies.

Dogs value shared time above strength of love

It’s not the intensity of your love, but the amount of time you spend with your dog that determines how devoted it becomes to you, according to a new study of the canine view of the human-dog relationship.