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Healthier heart and liver with paleo diet

The food our predecessors ate in the Stone Age can reduce our risk of cardiovascular diseases and other maladies, according to a Swedish researcher.

Researchers give false legitimacy to alternative health products

Over the past 20 years, a Norwegian researcher has been paid to study alternative health products. He nearly always finds that they are effective. We have gone through his research in detail.

Are we growing overweight from baker’s yeast?

The type of yeast that is used to leaven bread is also used to fatten animals. A new study points toward a possible link between human obesity and yeast.

Mice lose weight with oil

When laboratory mice on a fatty diet were given copepod oil as a dietary supplement, interesting things started to happen.

Why it’s so hard to stay slim

Many manage to shed kilos but few are able to keep their weight down at the new level. There are good reasons why.

Teens’ breakfast habits affect future health

Adolescents who skip breakfast or opt for something sugary in the morning are raising their risks of health problems as adults.

Low-carb diets hold sway short-term

Cutting sugar and adding fat to our daily diets is more effective for losing weight short-term than maintaining a low-fat diet.

Kids can pay dearly for mum’s unhealthy diet

A mother’s diet during her pregnancy and the food a child eats during its first year seem to be linked to symptoms of aggression and depression.

Standard research fish lacks a standard diet

Zebrafish have been used as a research standard to help scientists expand our understanding of everything from skin cancers to cardiovascular disease.

Thirty minutes of daily exercise is enough

The same effect in only half the time: scientists have demonstrated that 30 minutes of daily exercise gives an equally effective loss of weight and fat mass as a full hour’s daily exercise.