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Soccer is as effective as blood pressure drugs

Regular soccer training improves cardiac function, increases exercise capacity and lowers blood pressure in men with type 2 diabetes, new study shows.

Mathematician discovers possible diabetes cure

A new mathematical analysis reveals that a simple boost of the immune system may cure type 1 diabetes. Swedish research confirms the mathematical calculations.

Possible new cause of diabetes, obesity and poor growth

Scientists have discovered a completely new function of a specific protein. This may help explain diabetes, obesity and slow growth.

Smartphones in the battle against foot sores

Diabetics with foot sores can now be more efficiently monitored and checked from home. Nurses who visit patients at home can use smartphones to send pictures to specialists.

Slim and healthy people also get type 2 diabetes

Researchers have found a way of dividing type 2 diabetes patients into subgroups. Surprisingly, only one in four patients goes through what is considered the most common course of the disease.

Diet soda and no fish can harm mother and baby

Artificial sweeteners and a diet poor in fish may harm the pregnant woman and her baby.

Gene defect causes type 1 diabetes

A defect in a certain gene can cause diabetes. This discovery could lead to new and improved treatment for type 1 diabetes patients.

What makes berries so healthy?

New research project sets out to unravel the mystery of why berries are so good for us. The findings could result in revised recommendations for a healthy diet.

Our intestinal bacteria have national characteristics

The bacteria in our intestines are different depending on which country we live in. By examining national differences, researchers can learn more about why bacterial interference in our intestinal flora appear to trigger type 2 diabetes in some people.

Cutting diabetics’ amputations by half

Relatively simple interventions to treat diabetic foot sores can reduce amputations significantly, according to Swedish orthopaedists.