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The eyes look, but the brain sees

Our brain quickly adapts to new surroundings and only sees the most important information captured though our eyes.

Beautiful buildings are more sustainable

It is not all about energy efficiency. Preserving beautiful old buildings that are functional and use high quality materials is a form of sustainability, say researchers.

Meet the nano-sized rabbit made of DNA

Scientists have developed a new automated method to fold DNA strands into complex 3D structures. The new results will help pave the way for DNA nanotechnology in medicine over the next 10 years.

Design history provides clues about the future

Design is not merely creating something. Design can kill, and design can bring about global progress. Visions of a more sustainable future can be found in the history of design. Now these visions are being dug up.

Recreating clothes from the Iron Age

A few years ago, the oldest known piece of clothing ever discovered in Norway, a tunic dating from the Iron Age, was found on a glacier in Breheimen. Now about to be reconstructed using Iron Age textile techniques, it is hoped the tunic will inspire Norwegian fashion designers.

Emotional connections to products may benefit the environment

The more you like a product, the less likely you are to replace it. If design could generate human affection for products and longer product life spans, it would benefit the environment, according to new research.

Musical furniture energises disabled kids

“It’s hard to fill up the day with experiences for children who need a lot of assistance,” says a mother who knows. Specially designed furniture can help.

Good service needs design

80 percent of company leaders think they deliver a superior service experience. However, only 8 percent of their customers agree.

Wood poised to scrape the sky

How about living in an eight-storey wooden house? A maxi version of plywood makes it possible. But is wood more idyllic than concrete?

3D printing will revolutionize the design profession

3D printing is becoming increasingly common in the design industry. Researcher claims it could lead to a new industrial revolution.