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Modern workplaces function as tribal communities

Modern working relationships on construction sites do not only rely on designs, drawings and schedules. Problems and disagreements are solved using the same unwritten rules that tribal communities use for creating harmony.

Strong states resisted democracy

There is a strong link between the age of states and the European influence they have been exposed to, says new study.

Why Norwegians never wanted EU membership

Norwegians have always had mixed feelings about joining the European Union and a majority voted against it in 1972 and 1994. A new study shows why.

What is unacceptable speech?

The public debate in Norway after the terror attacks in 2011 has focused on what kinds of speech and offensive remarks we must allow and tolerate.

Double standards for the internet hurt users

Western politicians praise the internet as a tool in the fight against authoritarian regimes – so why do they limit access to the web by registering users and censoring content?

China has inspired us since Enlightenment

Europe and the USA are stagnating economically, while China thunders ahead. Can we learn anything from China? New research shows the West has been inspired by China since the Age of Enlightenment.

Coming to terms with terror

Norwegians are still in a state of shock. How will the terrorist attacks on July 22 change the country?