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deep sea

Phosphorescence aims to frighten

A new Swedish study determines a reason behind sparkling ocean bioluminescence.

Researchers to trawl ocean for new biotechnology resources

Biodiversity hot spots in the ocean are an un-tapped resource for safer, cheaper and greener products.

New sea slug species found in northern waters

Scientists have recently found a species of sea slug that has apparently made its way north from the Mediterranean Sea. These mobile nudibranchs are carnivores that eat coral and jellyfish.

Self-repairing subsea material

Embryonic faults in subsea high voltage installations are difficult to detect and very expensive to repair. Researchers believe that self-repairing materials could be the answer.

Greenland sharks have high levels of toxic pollutants

It is well known that polar bears accumulate alarmingly high concentrations of PCBs and other pollutants. It is now discovered that also Greenland sharks have contaminants in their bodies. The long-term effects remain unknown.

Creatures from the deep and cold Atlantic sea

Check out what swims around a thousand metres down off Greenland.